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LINKAGE, noun. A mechanical device that connects things.
LINKAGE, noun. A connection or relation between things or ideas.
LINKAGE, noun. (genetics) The property of genes of being inherited together.
LINKAGE, noun. (linguistics) A set of definitely related languages for which no proto-language can be derived, typically a group of languages within a family that have formed a sprachbund.
LINKAGE DISEQUILIBRIUM, noun. (genetics) A non-random association of two or more alleles at two or more loci; normally caused by an interaction between genes, and often illustrated on a pairwise linkage disequilibrium diagram (HapMap)
LINKAGE SECTION, noun. (computing) The part of the data division of a COBOL program that describes the format of variables and constants passed to the program as parameters, either from JCL or from a calling program

Dictionary definition

LINKAGE, noun. An associative relation.
LINKAGE, noun. (genetics) traits that tend to be inherited together as a consequence of an association between their genes; all of the genes of a given chromosome are linked (where one goes they all go).
LINKAGE, noun. A mechanical system of rods or springs or pivots that transmits power or motion.
LINKAGE, noun. The act of linking things together.

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