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LOGIC, adjective. Logical
LOGIC, noun. (uncountable) A method of human thought that involves thinking in a linear, step-by-step manner about how a problem can be solved. Logic is the basis of many principles including the scientific method.
LOGIC, noun. (philosophy) (logic) The study of the principles and criteria of valid inference and demonstration.
LOGIC, noun. (uncountable) (mathematics) The mathematical study of relationships between rigorously defined concepts and of proof of statements.
LOGIC, noun. (countable) (mathematics) A formal or informal language together with a deductive system or a model-theoretic semantics.
LOGIC, noun. (uncountable) Any system of thought, whether rigorous and productive or not, especially one associated with a particular person.
LOGIC, noun. (uncountable) The part of a system (usually electronic) that performs the boolean logic operations, short for logic gates or logic circuit.
LOGIC, verb. (intransitive) (pejorative) To engage in excessive or inappropriate application of logic.
LOGIC, verb. (transitive) To apply logical reasoning to.
LOGIC, verb. (transitive) To overcome by logical argument.
LOGIC ANALYZER, noun. A device use to test and diagnose digital electronic systems
LOGIC BOARD, noun. (computing) The Macintosh term for a motherboard.
LOGIC BOARDS, noun. Plural of logic board
LOGIC BOMB, noun. A piece of code intentionally inserted into a software system that will set off a malicious function when specified conditions are met.
LOGIC BOMBS, noun. Plural of logic bomb
LOGIC CHOPPER, noun. A person who makes confusing or specious arguments, especially arguments involving equivocation.
LOGIC DIAGRAM, noun. A diagram in the field of logic.
LOGIC DIAGRAM, noun. Any non-spatial, abstract diagram.
LOGIC DIAGRAM, noun. Any schematic display of the logical relationships of project activities.
LOGIC DIAGRAM, noun. A graphical representation of a program using formal logic.
LOGIC DIAGRAM, noun. A flow chart of hardware circuits or program logic.
LOGIC FALLACIES, noun. Plural of logic fallacy
LOGIC FALLACY, noun. Alternative spelling of logical fallacy
LOGIC GATE, noun. A physical device, typically electronic, which computes a Boolean logical output (0 or 1) from Boolean input or inputs according to the rules of some logical operator.
LOGIC GATES, noun. Plural of logic gate
LOGIC PROGRAMMING, noun. (programming) Programming with a paradigm that bases on formal logic

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LOGIC, noun. The branch of philosophy that analyzes inference.
LOGIC, noun. Reasoned and reasonable judgment; "it made a certain kind of logic".
LOGIC, noun. The principles that guide reasoning within a given field or situation; "economic logic requires it"; "by the logic of war".
LOGIC, noun. The system of operations performed by a computer that underlies the machine's representation of logical operations.
LOGIC, noun. A system of reasoning.

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