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DUKE, noun. The male ruler of a duchy (female equivalent: duchess).
DUKE, noun. The sovereign of a small state.
DUKE, noun. A high title of nobility; the male holder of a dukedom.
DUKE, noun. A grand duke.
DUKE, noun. (slang) (usually in plural) A fist.
DUKE, verb. (transitive) To hit or beat with the fists.
DUKE, proper noun. The title of a duke.
DUKE, proper noun. A male given name; mostly US and rather rare.
DUKE, proper noun. A private university in North Carolina.
DUKE IT OUT, verb. To fight, especially with the fists.
DUKE IT OUT, verb. (idiomatic) To argue heavily or at length.
DUKE OF BURGUNDIES, noun. Plural of duke of burgundy
DUKE OF BURGUNDY, noun. A small, orange and brown butterfly, Hamearis lucina, of the family Riodinidae
DUKE OF EDINBURGH, proper noun. A title given to a member of the British royal family, currently to Prince Philip, the consort to Queen Elizabeth II
DUKE OF YORK ISLANDS, proper noun. A group of islands off the coast of New Guinea, part of the Bismarck Archipelago.
DUKE OF YORK'S ISLAND, proper noun. (historical) Atafu

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DUKE, noun. A British peer of the highest rank.
DUKE, noun. A nobleman (in various countries) of high rank.

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