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MIDNIGHT, noun. The middle of the night; 12:00 am; on a 12-hour clock, 12:00 at night; on a 24-hour clock, 00:00.
MIDNIGHT, noun. The middle of the night: the moment of time, which is equidistant between sunset and sunrise.
MIDNIGHT BLUE, noun. A dark blue colour, almost black.
MIDNIGHT BLUE, adjective. Of a dark blue colour, almost black.
MIDNIGHT BLUES, noun. Plural of midnight blue
MIDNIGHT CHOW, noun. (US) (military) (informal) A meal served in the mess hall around midnight or later.
MIDNIGHT FEAST, noun. (British) A snack, usually substantial, eaten at or around midnight, a while after supper and a while before breakfast.
MIDNIGHT FEASTS, noun. Plural of midnight feast
MIDNIGHT MASS, noun. A Roman Catholic religious service that marks the beginning of Christmas Day.
MIDNIGHT MOVIE, noun. (cinema) A B-movie, often in camp style and with a retro theme.
MIDNIGHT MOVIE, noun. A low-budget film which has become a cult classic, referring in this sense to original tradition of showing such films at night.
MIDNIGHT MOVIE, noun. (dated) A low-budget film shown on television after midnight, particularly but not exclusively in the US.
MIDNIGHT MOVIES, noun. Plural of midnight movie
MIDNIGHT REGULATION, noun. (US politics) A law introduced by an outgoing administration in the period between the election and inauguration of the new president.
MIDNIGHT SUN, noun. The phenomenon occurring when the Sun does not set, but only approaches the horizon, at midnight; occurs near the summer solstice in the polar regions.
MIDNIGHT SUNS, noun. Plural of midnight sun

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MIDNIGHT, noun. 12 o'clock at night; the middle of the night; "young children should not be allowed to stay up until midnight".

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