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SUNRISE, noun. (figuratively) The time of day when the sun appears above the eastern horizon.
SUNRISE, noun. The change in color of the sky at dawn.
SUNRISE, noun. (figuratively) Any great awakening.
SUNRISE, adjective. Pertaining to an unusually early time of day.
SUNRISE PERIOD, noun. (Internet) The period of time at the launch of a new top-level domain or second-level domain during which trademark owners may register domain names containing their trademarks (to prevent cybersquatting).
SUNRISE PERIODS, noun. Plural of sunrise period

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SUNRISE, noun. The first light of day; "we got up before dawn"; "they talked until morning".
SUNRISE, noun. Atmospheric phenomena accompanying the daily appearance of the sun.
SUNRISE, noun. The daily event of the sun rising above the horizon.
SUNRISE, adjective. Of an industry or technology; new and developing; "high-technology sunrise industries".

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