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BARNEY, proper noun. A botanical plant name author abbreviation for botanist E.E. Barney (fl. 1877-79).
BARNEY, proper noun. A male given name, and a diminutive of Barnabas, Barnaby, Bernard, or Barnett.
BARNEY, proper noun. A surname​ based on the given names, or from the place name Barney, "barn/barley island".
BARNEY, noun. (UK) (Australia) (Cockney rhyming slang) A noisy argument.
BARNEY, noun. (UK) (Australia) (Cockney rhyming slang) A minor physical fight.
BARNEY, verb. (UK) (Australia) (Cockney rhyming slang) To argue, to quarrel.
BARNEY, noun. (United States) (pejorative slang) A police officer, usually one perceived as inferior or overzealous.
BARNEY STYLE, adjective. Alternative spelling of Barney-style

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