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WEDDING, verb. Present participle of wed
WEDDING, noun. Marriage ceremony; ritual officially celebrating the beginning of a marriage.
WEDDING, noun. Joining of two or more parts.
WEDDING, verb. To participate in a wedding.
WEDDING BAND, noun. (US) alternative form of wedding ring.
WEDDING BANDS, noun. Plural of wedding band
WEDDING BREAKFAST, noun. The main celebratory meal held after a marriage ceremony (so-called because of pre-1887 English law which required that weddings be performed before noon)
WEDDING CAKE, noun. A decorated cake, often in several tiers and with a model bride and groom, that is cut by the couple as part of a wedding ceremony and distributed to the guests
WEDDING CAKES, noun. Plural of wedding cake
WEDDING DRESS, noun. The clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony, in Western culture traditionally white with a long train.
WEDDING DRESSES, noun. Plural of wedding dress
WEDDING FINGER, noun. The fourth finger of the left hand.
WEDDING FINGERS, noun. Plural of wedding finger
WEDDING GOWN, noun. Wedding dress
WEDDING MARCH, noun. (music) A slow-tempo march played during a wedding
WEDDING PARTY, noun. The bride and groom as well as the bridesmaids and groomsmen at a wedding.
WEDDING PLANNER, noun. A person employed by a bride and groom to assist them in planning, designing and coordinating their wedding day.
WEDDING REGISTRY, noun. A bridal registry
WEDDING RING, noun. One of a pair or rings exchanged by bride and groom in a wedding ceremony; symbolizes continuous fidelity.
WEDDING RINGS, noun. Plural of wedding ring
WEDDING SHOWER, noun. A bridal shower.
WEDDING SHOWERS, noun. Plural of wedding shower
WEDDING SOUP, noun. (culinary) (US) An Italian-American soup consisting of green vegetables and meat in a chicken-based broth.
WEDDING TACKLE, noun. (colloquial) (humorous) The male genitals.
WEDDING VOW, noun. The oath taken during a wedding ceremony concluding with "I do."
WEDDING VOWS, noun. Plural of wedding vow

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WEDDING, noun. The social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed.
WEDDING, noun. The act of marrying; the nuptial ceremony; "their marriage was conducted in the chapel".
WEDDING, noun. A party of people at a wedding.

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