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CELEBRATE, verb. (transitive) To extol or honour in a solemn manner.
CELEBRATE, verb. (transitive) To honour by rites, by ceremonies of joy and respect, or by refraining from ordinary business; to observe duly; to keep.
CELEBRATE, verb. (intransitive) To engage in joyful activity in appreciation of an event.
CELEBRATE, verb. (transitive) To perform or participate in, as a sacrament or solemn rite; to solemnize; to perform with appropriate rites.

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CELEBRATE, verb. Behave as expected during of holidays or rites; "Keep the commandments"; "celebrate Christmas"; "Observe Yom Kippur".
CELEBRATE, verb. Have a celebration; "They were feting the patriarch of the family"; "After the exam, the students were celebrating".
CELEBRATE, verb. Assign great social importance to; "The film director was celebrated all over Hollywood"; "The tenor was lionized in Vienna".

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