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CONTOUR, noun. An outline, boundary or border, usually of curved shape.
CONTOUR, noun. A line on a map or chart delineating those points which have the same altitude or other plotted quantity: a contour line or isopleth.
CONTOUR, noun. (linguistics) a speech sound which behaves as a single segment, but which makes an internal transition from one quality, place, or manner to another.
CONTOUR FEATHER, noun. (ornithology) Any feather possessing a central shaft (rachis), usually with vanes composed of barbs.
CONTOUR FEATHERS, noun. Plural of contour feather
CONTOUR INTERVAL, noun. The difference in elevation represented by the space between adjacent contour lines
CONTOUR LINE, noun. (geography) A line on a map through points of equal elevation, often height above sea level.
CONTOUR LINES, noun. Plural of contour line
CONTOUR MAP, noun. A map made to show the relief measurements of the land by means of contour lines.
CONTOUR TONE, noun. (phonetics) A tone whose pitch changes during the syllable.

Dictionary definition

CONTOUR, noun. A line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height.
CONTOUR, noun. Any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline); "he could barely make out their shapes".
CONTOUR, noun. A feature (or the order or arrangement of features) of anything having a complex structure; "the contours of the melody"; "it defines a major contour of this administration".
CONTOUR, verb. Form the contours of.

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