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MAXIMUM, noun. The highest limit.
MAXIMUM, noun. (mathematics) The greatest value of a set or other mathematical structure, especially the global maximum or a local maximum of a function.
MAXIMUM, noun. (analysis) An upper bound of a set which is also an element of that set.
MAXIMUM, noun. (statistics) The largest value of a batch or sample or the upper bound of a probability distribution.
MAXIMUM, noun. (colloquial) (snooker) A 147 break; the highest possible break.
MAXIMUM, noun. (colloquial) (darts) A score of 180 with three darts.
MAXIMUM, noun. (colloquial) (cricket) A scoring shot for 6 runs.
MAXIMUM, adjective. To the highest degree.
MAXIMUM BREAK, noun. (snooker) The highest score possible in one visit to the table in a frame of snooker, by potting all fifteen reds with fifteen blacks and the six colors in order.
MAXIMUM BREAKS, noun. Plural of maximum break
MAXIMUM PERMITTED MILEAGE, noun. (aviation) (travel) In fare construction, the permitted total of ticket point mileages allowed between two fare break points.
MAXIMUM SECURITY, noun. A prison with more restrictions designed to hold the most dangerous criminals of society; supermax.
MAXIMUM USABLE FREQUENCY, noun. (radio) The highest frequency that allows radio waves to be reflected off the ionosphere.
MAXIMUM WAGE, noun. A state-enforced limit on how much an individual can earn.

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MAXIMUM, noun. The largest possible quantity.
MAXIMUM, noun. The greatest possible degree; "he tried his utmost".
MAXIMUM, noun. The point on a curve where the tangent changes from positive on the left to negative on the right.
MAXIMUM, adjective. The greatest or most complete or best possible; "maximal expansion"; "maximum pressure".

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