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TERRA, noun. A rough upland or mountainous region of the moon with a relatively high albedo.
TERRA, proper noun. (Roman god) The Roman earth goddess, equivalent in the interpretatio graeca to Gaea.
TERRA, proper noun. (astronomy) The planet Earth.
TERRA, proper noun. A female given name.
TERRA ALBA, noun. A white earthy substance consisting of burnt gypsum and aluminium silicate (kaolin), or some similar ingredient, such as magnesia. It is sometimes used to adulterate certain foods, spices, candies, paints, etc.
TERRA COTTA, noun. Alternative spelling of terracotta
TERRA FIRMA, noun. Land, as opposed to water or air.
TERRA INCOGNITA, noun. Land that has never been explored or mapped; uncharted territory.
TERRA INCOGNITA, noun. By extension, ideas or concepts that have not yet been tried or explored.
TERRA LEMNIA, noun. Lemnian earth
TERRA NULLIUS, noun. Empty land; land not legally belonging to anyone.
TERRA PONDEROSA, noun. Barite, or heavy spar
TERRA PRETA, noun. A very dark, man-made, nutritionally dense soil found in the Amazon basin.

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