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EIGHTH, adjective. The ordinal form of the number eight.
EIGHTH, noun. (eighth ones is used for the plural) The person or thing in the eighth position.
EIGHTH, noun. One of eight equal parts of a whole.
EIGHTH, noun. (slang) An "eighth" of an ounce equalling approximately 3.5 grams in marijuana or other drugs.
EIGHTH GRADE, noun. (US) (education) The period in school that comes after seventh grade and before ninth grade.
EIGHTH GRADES, noun. Plural of eighth grade
EIGHTH NOTE, noun. (music) A note having one-eighth the duration of a whole note; a quaver
EIGHTH NOTES, noun. Plural of eighth note
EIGHTH REST, noun. (music) a rest that has the same length as an eighth note
EIGHTH RESTS, noun. Plural of eighth rest

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EIGHTH, noun. Position eight in a countable series of things.
EIGHTH, noun. One part in eight equal parts.
EIGHTH, adjective. Coming next after the seventh and just before the ninth in position.

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