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DOUBLY, adverb. (usually of relative importance) (of degree, quantity or measure) In a double manner; twice the severity or degree.
DOUBLY, adverb. In two ways
DOUBLY, adverb. (obsolete) with duplicity
DOUBLY EVEN, adjective. (arithmetic) Leaving no remainder when divided by 4; divisible by 4.
DOUBLY LABELED WATER, noun. (chemistry) Water where both the hydrogen and oxygen atoms have been replaced by less common isotopes.
DOUBLY MAGIC, adjective. (physics) (of a transuranic nuclide) Having filled shells of both protons and neutrons and therefore having extra stability and a longer half-life than normal.

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DOUBLY, adverb. To double the degree; "she was doubly rewarded"; "his eyes were double bright".
DOUBLY, adverb. In a twofold manner; "he was doubly wrong".

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