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CHAD, proper noun. A male given name. Also a modern nickname for Charles, Chadwick and similar-sounding names
CHAD, proper noun. (British) The British version of the "Kilroy was here" graffiti.
CHAD, proper noun. A country in Central Africa. Official name: Republic of Chad.
CHAD, noun. (uncountable) Small pieces of paper punched out from the edges of continuous stationery, punched cards, paper tape etc.
CHAD, noun. (countable) One of these pieces of paper.
CHAD BASIN, proper noun. The area surrounding Lake Chad and constituting the largest inland drainage area in Africa, with three major streams, the Komadugu Yobe, Logone, and Chari.

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CHAD, noun. A small piece of paper that is supposed to be removed when a hole is punched in a card or paper tape.
CHAD, noun. A lake in north central Africa; fed by the Shari river.
CHAD, noun. A landlocked desert republic in north-central Africa; was under French control until 1960.
CHAD, noun. A family of Afroasiatic tonal languages (mostly two tones) spoken in the regions west and south of Lake Chad in north central Africa.

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