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PIPELINE, noun. A conduit made of pipes used to convey water, gas or petroleum etc
PIPELINE, noun. A channel (either physical or logical) by which information is transmitted sequentially (that is, the first information in is the first information out).
PIPELINE, noun. A system through which something is conducted
PIPELINE, noun. (surfing) The inside of a wave that a surfer is riding, when the wave has started closing over it.
PIPELINE, verb. (transitive) To convey something by a system of pipes
PIPELINE, verb. (transitive) To lay a system of pipes through something
PIPELINE, verb. (computing) (transitive) To design (a microchip etc.) so that processing takes place in efficient stages, the output of each stage being fed as input to the next.

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PIPELINE, noun. Gossip spread by spoken communication; "the news of their affair was spread by word of mouth".
PIPELINE, noun. A pipe used to transport liquids or gases; "a pipeline runs from the wells to the seaport".

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