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FUNCTIONAL, adjective. In good working order.
FUNCTIONAL, adjective. Useful; serving a purpose, fulfilling a function
FUNCTIONAL, adjective. Only for functional purposes, notably in architecture
FUNCTIONAL, adjective. (computing theory) Having semantics defined purely in terms of mathematical functions, without side-effects.
FUNCTIONAL, adjective. (medicine) Of a disease, such that its symptoms cannot be referred to any appreciable lesion or change of structure; opposed to organic disease, in which the organ itself is affected.
FUNCTIONAL, noun. (mathematics) A function that takes a function as its argument; More precisely: A function y=f(x) whose argument x varies in a space of (real valued, complex valued) functions and whose value belongs to a monodimensional space. An example: the definite integration of integrable real functions in a real interval.
FUNCTIONAL, noun. (mathematics) (functional analysis) A scalar-valued [1] on a vector space
FUNCTIONAL, noun. (computing) An object encapsulating a function pointer (or equivalent).
FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS, noun. (mathematics) The branch of mathematics dealing with infinite-dimensional vector spaces, whose elements are actually functions, as well as generalizations such as Banach spaces and Hilbert spaces.
FUNCTIONAL DEPENDENCY, noun. (computing) (database normalization) A constraint between two sets of attributes in a relation.
FUNCTIONAL FOOD, noun. Any fresh or processed food claimed to have a health-promoting and/or disease-preventing property beyond the basic function of supplying nutrients
FUNCTIONAL GENOMICS, noun. (biochemistry) (genetics) A genomics branch that measures expression levels of RNAs and proteins to understand biological functions of a set of genes in cells.
FUNCTIONAL GROUP, noun. (organic chemistry) A specific grouping of elements that is characteristic of a class of compounds, and determines some properties and reactions of that class.
FUNCTIONAL GROUP, noun. (ecology) A collection of organisms of specific morphological, physiological, behavioral, biochemical properties.
FUNCTIONAL GROUPS, noun. Plural of functional group
FUNCTIONAL MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING, noun. (medicine) A form of magnetic resonance imaging that records the flow of blood to areas of the brain when the patient is undertaking a specific neural activity.
FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMMING, noun. (programming) Programming in a style that, in lieu of assignment, uses procedure calls to bind variables to values.
FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENT, noun. A condition or capability that a system, person or object has to satisfy, fulfill or comply with.
FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENT, noun. (computing) A description of any of the functions of a software system
FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS, noun. Plural of functional requirement
FUNCTIONAL RESERVE, noun. (medicine) The remaining capacity of an organ or body part to fulfil its physiological activity; (especially) in the context of disease, ageing, or impairment.
FUNCTIONAL ROOT, noun. (mathematics) A function which when applied a given number of times, equals a given function.
FUNCTIONAL ROOTS, noun. Plural of functional root
FUNCTIONAL WORK, noun. A work that can be considered to be of practical use, such as software, encyclopedias, dictionaries and textbooks; having no point of view and non-fiction in nature.

Dictionary definition

FUNCTIONAL, adjective. Designed for or capable of a particular function or use; "a style of writing in which every word is functional"; "functional architecture".
FUNCTIONAL, adjective. Involving or affecting function rather than physiology; "functional deafness".
FUNCTIONAL, adjective. Relating to or based on function especially as opposed to structure; "the problem now is not a constitutional one; it is a functional one"; "delegates elected on a functional rather than a geographical basis".
FUNCTIONAL, adjective. Fit or ready for use or service; "the toaster was still functional even after being dropped"; "the lawnmower is a bit rusty but still usable"; "an operational aircraft"; "the dishwasher is now in working order".
FUNCTIONAL, adjective. Designed for or adapted to a function or use; "functional education selects knowledge that is concrete and usable rather than abstract and theoretical"; "functional architecture".
FUNCTIONAL, adjective. (of e.g. a machine) performing or capable of performing; "in running (or working) order"; "a functional set of brakes".

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