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LOSS, noun. An instance of losing, such as a defeat
LOSS, noun. The result of an alteration in a function or characteristic of the body, or of its previous integrity.
LOSS, noun. The hurtful condition of having lost something or someone
LOSS, noun. (in the plural) casualties, especially physically eliminated victims of violent conflict
LOSS, noun. (financial) the sum an entity loses on balance
LOSS, noun. Destruction, ruin
LOSS, noun. (engineering) electricity of kinetic power expended without doing useful work
LOSS FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) A function which expresses numerically the loss produced by a decision or other event
LOSS FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of loss function
LOSS LEADER, noun. (marketing) An item that is sold at or below cost in an effort to stimulate other profitable sales.
LOSS LEADERS, noun. Plural of loss leader
LOSS OF CONSORTIUM, noun. (legal) In the law of torts, the deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship, generally including sex, affection, and companionship, due to personal injuries caused by the tortfeasor to the person from whom the claimant received these benefits.
LOSS OF FACE, noun. (idiomatic) loss of the respect of others, humiliation, public disgrace
LOSS OF LIFE, noun. (euphemistic) Death.

Dictionary definition

LOSS, noun. Something that is lost; "the car was a total loss"; "loss of livestock left the rancher bankrupt".
LOSS, noun. Gradual decline in amount or activity; "weight loss"; "a serious loss of business".
LOSS, noun. The act of losing someone or something; "everyone expected him to win so his loss was a shock".
LOSS, noun. The disadvantage that results from losing something; "his loss of credibility led to his resignation"; "losing him is no great deprivation".
LOSS, noun. The experience of losing a loved one; "he sympathized on the loss of their grandfather".
LOSS, noun. The amount by which the cost of a business exceeds its revenue; "the company operated at a loss last year"; "the company operated in the red last year".
LOSS, noun. Military personnel lost by death or capture.
LOSS, noun. Euphemistic expressions for death; "thousands mourned his passing".

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