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POPULAR, adjective. Common among the general public; generally accepted. [from 15th c.]
POPULAR, adjective. (legal) Concerning the people; public. [from 15th c.]
POPULAR, adjective. Pertaining to or deriving from the people or general public. [from 16th c.]
POPULAR, adjective. (obsolete) Of low birth, not noble; vulgar, plebian. [16th-17th c.]
POPULAR, adjective. Aimed at ordinary people, as opposed to specialists etc.; intended for general consumption. [from 16th c.]
POPULAR, adjective. (obsolete) Cultivating the favour of the common people. [16th-18th c.]
POPULAR, adjective. Liked by many people; generally pleasing, widely admired. [from 17th c.]
POPULAR, adjective. Adapted to the means of the common people; cheap. [from 19th c.]
POPULAR ASSEMBLY, noun. A localized citizen gathering to address issues of importance to the community.
POPULAR BEAT COMBO, noun. (UK) (ironic) pop group
POPULAR CULTURE, noun. The prevailing vernacular culture in any given society, including art, cooking, clothing/fashion, entertainment, fads, films, mass media, music, sports , and style
POPULAR ETYMOLOGIES, noun. Plural of popular etymology
POPULAR ETYMOLOGY, noun. Same as folk etymology.
POPULAR MUSIC, noun. (music) Any genre of music that has wide appeal amongst the general public of a society dominated by urban culture and advanced technology, especially music with less complexity than classical music and less rootsy authenticity than folk music.
POPULAR MUSIC, noun. Synonym of pop music.
POPULAR OPINION, noun. Public opinion
POPULAR SCIENCE, noun. An interpretation of science intended for a general audience, rather than for other scientists or students
POPULAR VOTE, noun. The total number of votes of a given electorate.

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POPULAR, adjective. Regarded with great favor, approval, or affection especially by the general public; "a popular tourist attraction"; "a popular girl"; "cabbage patch dolls are no longer popular".
POPULAR, adjective. Carried on by or for the people (or citizens) at large; "the popular vote"; "popular representation"; "institutions of popular government".
POPULAR, adjective. Representing or appealing to or adapted for the benefit of the people at large; "democratic art forms"; "a democratic or popular movement"; "popular thought"; "popular science"; "popular fiction".
POPULAR, adjective. (of music or art) new and of general appeal (especially among young people).

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