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SUPPLY, verb. ​(transitive) To provide (something), to make (something) available for use.
SUPPLY, verb. (transitive) To furnish or equip with.
SUPPLY, verb. (transitive) To fill up, or keep full.
SUPPLY, verb. (transitive) To compensate for, or make up a deficiency of.
SUPPLY, verb. (transitive) To serve instead of; to take the place of.
SUPPLY, verb. (intransitive) To act as a substitute.
SUPPLY, verb. (transitive) To fill temporarily; to serve as substitute for another in, as a vacant place or office; to occupy; to have possession of.
SUPPLY, noun. (uncountable) The act of supplying.
SUPPLY, noun. (countable) An amount of something supplied.
SUPPLY, noun. (in the plural) provisions.
SUPPLY, noun. (mostly in the plural) An amount of money provided, as by Parliament or Congress, to meet the annual national expenditures.
SUPPLY, noun. Somebody, such as a teacher or clergyman, who temporarily fills the place of another; a substitute.
SUPPLY, adverb. Supplely: in a supple manner, with suppleness.
SUPPLY AND DEMAND, noun. (economics) A capitalistic model of price determination in a market.
SUPPLY CHAIN, noun. A system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.
SUPPLY CHAINS, noun. Plural of supply chain
SUPPLY CURVE, noun. (economics) the graph depicting the relationship between the price of a certain commodity and the amount of it that producers are willing and able to supply at that given price
SUPPLY DEPOT, noun. (military) A facility utilized by armies to store battlefield supplies temporarily on or near the front lines until they can be distributed to army units.
SUPPLY DEPOTS, noun. Plural of supply depot
SUPPLY LINE, noun. The chain of transportation mechanisms supplying food and materiel to an army in battle, or other field operation.
SUPPLY LINES, noun. Plural of supply line
SUPPLY SIDE, noun. (economics) In a market trade, the side where the supply comes from
SUPPLY TEACHER, noun. (British) (parts of Canada) a teacher who fills a temporary position in a school on a short-term basis; often supplied by an agency
SUPPLY TEACHERS, noun. Plural of supply teacher
SUPPLY VESSEL, noun. A ship used to transport supplies to offshore installations such as oil and gas platforms.
SUPPLY VESSELS, noun. Plural of supply vessel

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SUPPLY, noun. An amount of something available for use.
SUPPLY, noun. Offering goods and services for sale.
SUPPLY, noun. The activity of supplying or providing something.
SUPPLY, verb. Give something useful or necessary to; "We provided the room with an electrical heater".
SUPPLY, verb. Circulate or distribute or equip with; "issue a new uniform to the children"; "supply blankets for the beds".
SUPPLY, verb. Give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance; "The hostess provided lunch for all the guests".
SUPPLY, verb. State or say further; "`It doesn't matter,' he supplied".

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