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SAM, proper noun. A male given name, a shortening of Samuel, or rarely of Samson.
SAM, proper noun. A diminutive of the   female given name Samantha.
SAM, noun. (Ireland) (informal) The Sam Maguire Cup awarded to the All-Ireland GAA football winning team.
SAM, acronym. Surface-to-air missile
SAM, verb. (transitive) (UK dialectal) To assemble.
SAM, verb. (transitive) (UK dialectal) (of persons) To bring together; join (in marriage, friendship, love, etc.).
SAM, verb. (transitive) (UK dialectal) (of things) To bring together; collect; put in order; arrange.
SAM, verb. (intransitive) (UK dialectal) To assemble; come together.
SAM, verb. (transitive) (UK dialectal) To coagulate; curdle (milk).
SAM, adverb. (obsolete) together
SAM, adjective. (dialectal) Half or imperfectly done.
SAM, adjective. (of food) Half-heated.
SAM, noun. (slang) Federal narcotics agent.
SAM, noun. (military) surface-to-air missile
SAM, noun. (space science) (NASA) Acronym of Sample Analysis at Mars. (It is a scientific instrument of the Mars Science Laboratory onboard the Curiosity rover on Mars.)
SAM, noun. (nanotechnology) Initialism of self-assembled monolayer.
SAM BROWN BELT, noun. Alternative spelling of Sam Browne belt
SAM BROWNE BELT, noun. A wide military belt, usually leather, which is supported by a strap going diagonally over the right shoulder
SAM HILL, noun. (slang) Intensifier.
SAM SPADE, proper noun. The fictional detective created by Dashiell Hammett who was protagonist of The Maltese Falcon.

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SAM, noun. A guided missile fired from land or shipboard against an airborne target.

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