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COAST, noun. (obsolete) The side or edge of something. [15th-18th c.]
COAST, noun. The edge of the land where it meets an ocean, sea, gulf, bay, or large lake. [from 14th c.]
COAST, noun. (obsolete) A region of land; a district or country. [14th-17th c.]
COAST, noun. (obsolete) A region of the air or heavens. [14th-17th c.]
COAST, verb. (intransitive) To glide along without adding energy.
COAST, verb. (intransitive) (nautical) To sail along a coast.
COAST, verb. Applied to human behavior, to make a minimal effort, to continue to do something in a routine way. This implies lack of initiative and effort.
COAST, verb. (obsolete) To draw near to; to approach; to keep near, or by the side of.
COAST, verb. (obsolete) To sail by or near; to follow the coastline of.
COAST, verb. (obsolete) To conduct along a coast or river bank.
COAST, verb. (US) (dialect) To slide downhill; to slide on a sled upon snow or ice.
COAST FOX, noun. Channel Island fox
COAST GUARD, noun. Alternative spelling of coastguard
COAST GUARDS, noun. Plural of coast guard
COAST MIWOK, proper noun. A division of the Miwok people, who resided north of the San Francisco Bay.
COAST MIWOK, proper noun. The Utian (Penutian) language spoken by this people.
COAST RAT, noun. A small South African mammal, Bathyergus suillus, that builds extensive burrows
COAST WAITER, noun. (UK) (historical) A custom house officer who superintends the landing or shipping of goods for the coast trade.

Dictionary definition

COAST, noun. The shore of a sea or ocean.
COAST, noun. A slope down which sleds may coast; "when it snowed they made a coast on the golf course".
COAST, noun. The area within view; "the coast is clear".
COAST, noun. The act of moving smoothly along a surface while remaining in contact with it; "his slide didn't stop until the bottom of the hill"; "the children lined up for a coast down the snowy slope".
COAST, verb. Move effortlessly; by force of gravity.

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