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SHORE, noun. Land adjoining a non-flowing body of water, such as an ocean, lake or pond.
SHORE, noun. (from the perspective of one on a body of water) Land, usually near a port.
SHORE, verb. (obsolete) To set on shore.
SHORE, noun. A prop or strut supporting the weight or flooring above it.
SHORE, verb. (transitive) (without up) To provide with support.
SHORE, verb. (usually with up) To reinforce (something at risk of failure).
SHORE, verb. Simple past tense of shear
SHORE, noun. (obsolete) (UK) (dialect) A sewer.
SHORE, proper noun. A topographic surname​.
SHORE BIRD, noun. Alternative form of shorebird
SHORE BUG, noun. An insect of any of numerous small predatory, often burrowing, species of the family Saldidae, found near bodies of water.
SHORE BUGS, noun. Plural of shore bug
SHORE COD, noun. Any cod-like fish caught close to shore, but especially the Atlantic cod.
SHORE CRAB, noun. A type of crab (Carcinus maenas) native to the coasts of Europe and North Africa.
SHORE CRABS, noun. Plural of shore crab
SHORE DINNER, noun. A dinner consisting of seafood.
SHORE DOTTEREL, noun. A plover of the endangered New Zealand species Thinornis novaeseelandiae
SHORE FLY, noun. A tiny fly found near seashores or at smaller inland waters, such as ponds, of one the the 1,500 species of the family Ephydridae.
SHORE LARK, noun. (UK) A horned lark, Eremophila alpestris.
SHORE LEAVE, noun. Free time given to sailors of the military navy when they are off duty and allowed to disembark and spend time on land.
SHORE PATROL, noun. A special unit of the military police of the U.S. Navy or the Royal Navy. Their duties are to police the seamen while they are on shore leave.
SHORE PINE, noun. A lodgepole pine, Pinus contorta.
SHORE PIT VIPER, noun. A pit viper of the venomous species, Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus, found in India and Southeast Asia.
SHORE PLOVER, noun. A plover of the endangered New Zealand species Thinornis novaeseelandiae.
SHORE PLUM, noun. A tree, Prunus maritima, bearing small plums, found along the US Atlantic coast from Maine to Maryland.
SHORE SNIPE, noun. A sandpiper, a bird in the Scolopacidae family.
SHORE TEETAN, noun. A rock pipit.
SHORE THISTLE, noun. Any thistle of genus Carduus found along a shore, known to cause poisoning of ruminants.
SHORE THISTLE, noun. A thistle of the species Carduus tenuiflorus.
SHORE UP, verb. (idiomatic) To reinforce or strengthen (something at risk of failure).

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SHORE, noun. The land along the edge of a body of water.
SHORE, noun. A beam or timber that is propped against a structure to provide support.
SHORE, verb. Serve as a shore to; "The river was shored by trees".
SHORE, verb. Arrive on shore; "The ship landed in Pearl Harbor".
SHORE, verb. Support by placing against something solid or rigid; "shore and buttress an old building".

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