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KILLER, noun. That which kills.
KILLER, noun. (figuratively) That which causes stress or is extremely difficult, especially that which may cause failure at a task.
KILLER, noun. (figuratively) Something that is so far ahead of its competition that it effectively kills off that competition.
KILLER, noun. (sports) A knockout form of darts or pool involving several players.
KILLER, noun. A diacritic mark used in Indic scripts to suppress an inherent vowel (e.g., the Hindi viram, the Bengali or Oriya hasanta) or render the entire syllable silent (e.g., the Burmese virama, the Khmer toandakhiat).
KILLER, adjective. (slang) Excellent, very good.
KILLER, adjective. Causing death, destruction, or obliteration.
KILLER APP, noun. (computing) A killer application.
KILLER APPLICATION, noun. A technological product that is so good, or so innovatory, that it is irresistible to potential customers; especially a software product that persuades people to buy the hardware needed to use it
KILLER APPLICATIONS, noun. Plural of killer application
KILLER APPS, noun. Plural of killer app
KILLER BEE, noun. (informal) An Africanized honey bee.
KILLER BEES, noun. Plural of killer bee
KILLER CANCEL, noun. (philately) A cancellation mark that is so heavy that it defaces the postage stamp to which it is applied, devaluing it from a collector's point of view.
KILLER CANCELS, noun. Plural of killer cancel
KILLER DILLER, noun. A person or thing that is astonishing, outstanding, or exciting.
KILLER DILLERS, noun. Plural of killer diller
KILLER GAME, noun. (video games) An electronic game that has compelled many to buy a particular video game console or upgrade their computer hardware simply to play it.
KILLER GAMES, noun. Plural of killer game
KILLER GREEN BUD, noun. (slang) Potent marijuana.
KILLER INSTINCT, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see killer,‎ instinct.
KILLER INSTINCT, noun. (idiomatic) The natural inclination to do whatever is necessary to succeed (including extreme violence)
KILLER LANGUAGE, noun. (linguistics) A dominant and prestigious language which gradually causes extinction of other, especially minor languages.
KILLER POKE, noun. (computing) Any method of inducing actual physical harm to a computer or peripheral by software means, especially by inserting invalid values into a control register or by building up harmonic oscillations in a hard disk etc.
KILLER POKES, noun. Plural of killer poke
KILLER T CELL, noun. (immunology) A cytotoxic T cell.
KILLER T CELLS, noun. Plural of killer T cell
KILLER WHALE, noun. A sea mammal related to dolphins and porpoises.
KILLER WHALES, noun. Plural of killer whale

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KILLER, noun. Someone who causes the death of a person or animal.
KILLER, noun. The causal agent resulting in death; "heart disease is the biggest killer in the United States".
KILLER, noun. A difficulty that is hard to deal with; "that exam was a real killer".
KILLER, noun. Predatory black-and-white toothed whale with large dorsal fin; common in cold seas.

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