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PROSPECTIVE, adjective. Likely or expected to happen or become.
PROSPECTIVE, adjective. Anticipated in the near or far future.
PROSPECTIVE, adjective. Of or relating to a prospect; furnishing a prospect.
PROSPECTIVE, adjective. Looking forward in time; acting with foresight.
PROSPECTIVE, adjective. (medicine) (of research) That has a sufficient population size to produce reliable data over a sufficient period
PROSPECTIVE, noun. (obsolete) The scene before or around, in time or in space; view; prospect.
PROSPECTIVE, noun. (obsolete) A perspective glass.
PROSPECTIVE, noun. (informal) (often plural) A prospective (potential) member, student, employee, date, partner, etc.

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PROSPECTIVE, adjective. Of or concerned with or related to the future; "prospective earnings"; "a prospective mother"; "a prospective bride"; "the statute is solely prospective in operation".

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