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CONTROL, verb. To exercise influence over; to suggest or dictate the behavior of.
CONTROL, noun. (countable) (uncountable) Influence or authority over.
CONTROL, noun. A separate group or subject in an experiment against which the results are compared where the primary variable is low or non-existent.
CONTROL, noun. The method and means of governing the performance of any apparatus, machine or system, such as a lever, handle or button.
CONTROL, noun. Restraint or ability to contain one's movements or emotions, or self-control.
CONTROL, noun. A security mechanism, policy, or procedure that can counter system attack, reduce risks, and resolve vulnerabilities; a safeguard or countermeasure.
CONTROL, noun. (project management) A means of monitoring for, and triggering intervention in, activities that are not going according to plan.
CONTROL, noun. A duplicate book, register, or account, kept to correct or check another account or register.
CONTROL, noun. (graphical user interface) An interface element that a computer user interacts with, such as a window or a text box.
CONTROL, noun. (climatology) Any of the physical factors determining the climate of a place, such as latitude, distribution of land and water, altitude, exposure, prevailing winds, permanent high- or low-barometric-pressure areas, ocean currents, mountain barriers, soil, and vegetation.
CONTROL, noun. (linguistics) A construction in which the understood subject of a given predicate is determined by an expression in context. See control.
CONTROL ARM, noun. (automotive) A nearly flat and roughly triangular suspension member, that pivots in two places.
CONTROL BRIEF, noun. A type of pantie girdle with longer legs and a higher waist, normally worn by a woman to lift and shape her buttocks area while flattening the stomach area.
CONTROL BRIEFS, noun. Plural of control brief
CONTROL CHARACTER, noun. (computing) A character which does not have a direct visual appearance as a glyph, but rather causes some other display action to occur, such as a transition to a new line.
CONTROL CHARACTERS, noun. Plural of control character
CONTROL CHART, noun. (management) A tool used to determine whether a manufacturing or business process is in a state of statistical control or not.
CONTROL CHARTS, noun. Plural of control chart
CONTROL CITY, noun. A city listed as a destination on highway signs.
CONTROL CODE, noun. (computing) A numeric value or string of such values that triggers a specific command or action to occur, rather than displaying a text character.
CONTROL CODES, noun. Plural of control code
CONTROL COUPLING, noun. (computing) a form of coupling where one module is controlling the flow of another by passing information on what to do
CONTROL COUPLINGS, noun. Plural of control coupling
CONTROL ENGINEERING, noun. (engineering) The subfield of engineering concerned with designing and building controllers and control systems.
CONTROL FREAK, noun. A person who is excessively controlling and domineering.
CONTROL FREAK, noun. A tyrant or manipulator.
CONTROL FREAKS, noun. Plural of control freak
CONTROL FUNCTION, noun. (systems theory) function that controls the recording, processing, transmission, or interpretation of data.
CONTROL FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of control function
CONTROL GENE, noun. (genetics) A gene that controls the transcription of others in messenger RNA
CONTROL GROUP, noun. (in an experiment) The group of test subjects left untreated or unexposed to some procedure and then compared with treated subjects in order to validate the results of the test.
CONTROL JOINT, noun. (construction) A groove which is formed, sawed, or tooled in a concrete or masonry structure to regulate the location and amount of cracking and separation resulting from the dimensional change of different parts of the structure, thereby avoiding the development of high stresses.
CONTROL KEY, noun. (computing) A key on a personal computer or terminal keyboard used in combination to modify the function of other keys; normally labelled "Ctrl"
CONTROL KEYS, noun. Plural of control key
CONTROL MECHANISM, noun. Any mechanical (or other) system used to keep one or more variable parameters constant, or within specified bounds.
CONTROL MECHANISMS, noun. Plural of control mechanism
CONTROL ORDER, noun. (UK) (legal) An order made by the Home Secretary to restrict an individual's liberty for the purpose of "protecting members of the public from a risk of terrorism"
CONTROL ORDERS, noun. Plural of control order
CONTROL PANEL, noun. A flat, usually vertical surface onto which controls, instruments, and displays are mounted.
CONTROL PANEL, noun. (by extension) A computer display offering a number of controls or options.
CONTROL PANELS, noun. Plural of control panel
CONTROL POINT, noun. A marked waypoint used in orienteering and related sports.
CONTROL POINTS, noun. Plural of control point
CONTROL ROD, noun. Any of a number of steel tubes, containing boron or other neutron absorber, that is inserted into the core of a nuclear reactor in order to control its rate of reaction
CONTROL ROOM, noun. The area inside a recording studio designed to facilitate the mixing of audio for studio recordings.
CONTROL ROOM, noun. A room serving as the centre of monitoring a building, controlling an operation etc.
CONTROL ROOMS, noun. Plural of control room
CONTROL STRUCTURE, noun. (programming) a structure used to affect the flow of a program
CONTROL STRUCTURES, noun. Plural of control structure
CONTROL SURFACE, noun. (aeronautics) A moveable surface attached to a machine such as an aircraft or submarine that can be used to control the machine's motion in roll, pitch or yaw.
CONTROL SURFACES, noun. Plural of control surface
CONTROL THEORY, noun. An interdisciplinary branch of engineering and mathematics, dealing with the control of the behavior of dynamical systems.
CONTROL TOWER, noun. (aviation) An airport building from which the air traffic control unit monitors and directs the movement of aircraft on and around the airport.
CONTROL TOWER, noun. An enclosed, raised structure occupied by one or more persons who operate or exercise control over railway traffic, ship movement, a racetrack, machinery, etc.
CONTROL TOWERS, noun. Plural of control tower
CONTROL VERB, noun. (linguistics) A verb which takes multiple arguments, one of which is another verb, such that one of the control verb's arguments (possibly its subject) is syntactically both an argument of the control verb and an argument of the other verb.
CONTROL VERBS, noun. Plural of control verb

Dictionary definition

CONTROL, noun. Power to direct or determine; "under control".
CONTROL, noun. A relation of constraint of one entity (thing or person or group) by another; "measures for the control of disease"; "they instituted controls over drinking on campus".
CONTROL, noun. (physiology) regulation or maintenance of a function or action or reflex etc; "the timing and control of his movements were unimpaired"; "he had lost control of his sphincters".
CONTROL, noun. A standard against which other conditions can be compared in a scientific experiment; "the control condition was inappropriate for the conclusions he wished to draw".
CONTROL, noun. The activity of managing or exerting control over something; "the control of the mob by the police was admirable".
CONTROL, noun. The state that exists when one person or group has power over another; "her apparent dominance of her husband was really her attempt to make him pay attention to her".
CONTROL, noun. Discipline in personal and social activities; "he was a model of polite restraint"; "she never lost control of herself".
CONTROL, noun. Great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity; "a good command of French".
CONTROL, noun. A mechanism that controls the operation of a machine; "the speed controller on his turntable was not working properly"; "I turned the controls over to her".
CONTROL, noun. A spiritual agency that is assumed to assist the medium during a seance.
CONTROL, noun. The economic policy of controlling or limiting or curbing prices or wages etc.; "they wanted to repeal all the legislation that imposed economic controls".
CONTROL, verb. Exercise authoritative control or power over; "control the budget"; "Command the military forces".
CONTROL, verb. Lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits; "moderate your alcohol intake"; "hold your tongue"; "hold your temper"; "control your anger".
CONTROL, verb. Handle and cause to function; "do not operate machinery after imbibing alcohol"; "control the lever".
CONTROL, verb. Control (others or oneself) or influence skillfully, usually to one's advantage; "She manipulates her boss"; "She is a very controlling mother and doesn't let her children grow up"; "The teacher knew how to keep the class in line"; "she keeps in line".
CONTROL, verb. Check or regulate (a scientific experiment) by conducting a parallel experiment or comparing with another standard; "Are you controlling for the temperature?".
CONTROL, verb. Verify by using a duplicate register for comparison; "control an account".
CONTROL, verb. Be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something; "He verified that the valves were closed"; "See that the curtains are closed"; "control the quality of the product".
CONTROL, verb. Have a firm understanding or knowledge of; be on top of; "Do you control these data?".

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