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BENEFIT, noun. An advantage, help, sake or aid from something.
BENEFIT, noun. A payment made in accordance with an insurance policy or a public assistance scheme.
BENEFIT, noun. A performance, etc, given to raise funds for some cause.
BENEFIT, noun. (obsolete) beneficence; liberality
BENEFIT, verb. (transitive) To be or to provide a benefit to.
BENEFIT, verb. (intransitive) To receive a benefit (from); to be a beneficiary.
BENEFIT CLUB, noun. A mutual aid organization, with subscribers entitled to benefit payments in case of an accident or an illness.
BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT, noun. A favorable judgement given in the absence of full evidence.
BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT, noun. (cricket) The principle employed by umpires in cases of uncertainty concerning a batsman possibly being out, in which the decision must be in the batsman's favour.
BENEFIT SOCIETIES, noun. Plural of benefit society
BENEFIT SOCIETY, noun. A society or association formed for mutual insurance, as among tradesmen or in labour unions, to provide for relief in sickness, old age, etc. and for the expenses of burial.
BENEFIT TOURISM, noun. Travel for the purpose of claiming benefits or social welfare.

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BENEFIT, noun. Financial assistance in time of need.
BENEFIT, noun. Something that aids or promotes well-being; "for the benefit of all".
BENEFIT, noun. A performance to raise money for a charitable cause.
BENEFIT, verb. Derive a benefit from; "She profited from his vast experience".
BENEFIT, verb. Be beneficial for; "This will do you good".

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