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EMPLOYMENT, noun. A use, purpose
EMPLOYMENT, noun. The act of employing
EMPLOYMENT, noun. The state of being employed
EMPLOYMENT, noun. The work or occupation for which one is used, and often paid
EMPLOYMENT, noun. An activity to which one devotes time
EMPLOYMENT, noun. (economics) The number or percentage of people at work
EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES, noun. Plural of employment agency
EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, noun. An organisation that matches employers to employees.
EMPLOYMENT AT WILL, noun. (legal) A traditional principle of law, recognized in some jurisdictions, which holds that, in the absence of a contract to the contrary, an employment relationship can be terminated at any time by the employer or employee, for any reason or for no reason whatever.
EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT, noun. (legal) A category of contract used in labor law to attribute right and responsibilities between parties to a bargain.
EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS, noun. Plural of employment contract

Dictionary definition

EMPLOYMENT, noun. The state of being employed or having a job; "they are looking for employment"; "he was in the employ of the city".
EMPLOYMENT, noun. The occupation for which you are paid; "he is looking for employment"; "a lot of people are out of work".
EMPLOYMENT, noun. The act of giving someone a job.
EMPLOYMENT, noun. The act of using; "he warned against the use of narcotic drugs"; "skilled in the utilization of computers".

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