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INFORMAL, adjective. Not formal or ceremonious.
INFORMAL, adjective. Not in accord with the usual regulations.
INFORMAL, adjective. Suited for everyday use.
INFORMAL, adjective. (of language) Reflecting everyday, non-ceremonious usage.
INFORMAL, adjective. (gardening) Not organized; not structured or planned.
INFORMAL FALLACY, noun. (logic) A fallacy whose error cannot be represented by the symbols used in formal logic.
INFORMAL LOGIC, noun. That branch of logic whose task is to develop non-formal standards, criteria, procedures for the analysis, interpretation, evaluation, criticism and construction of argumentation in everyday discourse.

Dictionary definition

INFORMAL, adjective. Not formal; "conservative people unaccustomed to informal dress"; "an informal free-and-easy manner"; "an informal gathering of friends".
INFORMAL, adjective. Not officially recognized or controlled; "an informal agreement"; "a loose organization of the local farmers".
INFORMAL, adjective. Used of spoken and written language.
INFORMAL, adjective. Having or fostering a warm or friendly and informal atmosphere; "had a cozy chat"; "a relaxed informal manner"; "an intimate cocktail lounge"; "the small room was cozy and intimate".

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