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CASUAL, adjective. Happening by chance.
CASUAL, adjective. Coming without regularity; occasional or incidental.
CASUAL, adjective. Employed irregularly.
CASUAL, adjective. Careless.
CASUAL, adjective. Happening or coming to pass without design.
CASUAL, adjective. Informal, relaxed.
CASUAL, adjective. Designed for informal or everyday use.
CASUAL, noun. (British) (NZ) A worker who is only working for a company occasionally, not as its permanent employee.
CASUAL, noun. A soldier temporarily at a place of duty, usually en route to another place of duty.
CASUAL, noun. (UK) A member of a group of football hooligans who wear expensive designer clothing to avoid police attention; see Casual (subculture).
CASUAL, noun. One who receives relief for a night in a parish to which he does not belong; a vagrant.
CASUAL, noun. (video games) (informal) A player of casual games.
CASUAL ALIEN, noun. (botany) A plant that appears with no apparent human assistance but does not develop a sustained population.
CASUAL ALIENS, noun. Plural of casual alien
CASUAL FRIDAY, noun. Dress-down Friday
CASUAL FRIDAYS, noun. Plural of casual Friday
CASUAL GAME, noun. (video games) A video game targeting casual, irregular gamers, typically having few rules to learn and a low initial level of difficulty.
CASUAL GAMES, noun. Plural of casual game
CASUAL GAMING, noun. The playing of casual games.
CASUAL SEX, noun. Sexual activity that is undertaken without commitment, emotional attachment or personal familiarity between the participants involved.
CASUAL WARD, noun. The section of a workhouse where tramps and itinerants could be accomodated for one night.

Dictionary definition

CASUAL, adjective. Marked by blithe unconcern; "an ability to interest casual students"; "showed a casual disregard for cold weather"; "an utterly insouciant financial policy"; "an elegantly insouciant manner"; "drove his car with nonchalant abandon"; "was polite in a teasing nonchalant manner".
CASUAL, adjective. Without or seeming to be without plan or method; offhand; "a casual remark"; "information collected by casual methods and in their spare time".
CASUAL, adjective. Appropriate for ordinary or routine occasions; "casual clothes"; "everyday clothes".
CASUAL, adjective. Occurring or appearing or singled out by chance; "seek help from casual passers-by"; "a casual meeting"; "a chance occurrence".
CASUAL, adjective. Hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough; "a casual (or cursory) inspection failed to reveal the house's structural flaws"; "a passing glance"; "perfunctory courtesy".
CASUAL, adjective. Occurring from time to time; "casual employment"; "a casual correspondence with a former teacher"; "an occasional worker".
CASUAL, adjective. Characterized by a feeling of irresponsibility; "a broken back is nothing to be casual about; it is no fooling matter".
CASUAL, adjective. Natural and unstudied; "using their Christian names in a casual way"; "lectured in a free-and-easy style".
CASUAL, adjective. Not showing effort or strain; "a difficult feat performed with casual mastery"; "careless grace".

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