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PROFIT, noun. Total income or cash flow minus expenditures. The money or other benefit a non-governmental organization or individual receives in exchange for products and services sold at an advertised price.
PROFIT, noun. (dated) (literary) Benefit, positive result obtained.
PROFIT, noun. (legal) In property law, a nonpossessory interest in land whereby a party is entitled to enter the land of another for the purpose of taking the soil or the substance of the soil (coal, oil, minerals, and in some jurisdictions timber and game).
PROFIT, verb. (transitive) To benefit (somebody), be of use to (somebody).
PROFIT, verb. (intransitive) (construed with from) To benefit, gain.
PROFIT, verb. (intransitive) (construed with from) To take advantage of, exploit, use.
PROFIT AND LOSS, noun. A profit-and-loss statement; an income statement.
PROFIT CENTER, noun. A unit or department of a company that is responsible for its costs and its profits
PROFIT MARGIN, noun. The ratio of net income to net sales of a company expressed as a percentage.
PROFIT MARGINS, noun. Plural of profit margin
PROFIT MONGER, noun. A person, business or profession marked by avarice and greed
PROFIT SHARING, noun. A system in which some of the profit of an enterprise are divided among the workers, giving them an incentive for profits without an equity interest.
PROFIT TAKING, noun. The act of extracting profit, as cash or equivalent, from an investment, often by selling part of it.
PROFIT TAKINGS, noun. Plural of profit taking
PROFIT WARNING, noun. (stock market) An announcement by a company to its shareholders and other investors that its profits are likely to be less than expected.
PROFIT WARNINGS, noun. Plural of profit warning

Dictionary definition

PROFIT, noun. The excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses).
PROFIT, noun. The advantageous quality of being beneficial.
PROFIT, verb. Derive a benefit from; "She profited from his vast experience".
PROFIT, verb. Make a profit; gain money or materially; "The company has not profited from the merger".

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