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SALES, noun. Plural of sale
SALES, noun. The activities involved in selling goods or services.
SALES, noun. The amount or value of goods and services sold.
SALES ADVISOR, noun. A sales assistant.
SALES ASSISTANT, noun. A shop assistant
SALES ASSISTANTS, noun. Plural of sales assistant
SALES ASSOCIATE, noun. An employee of a firm whose primary task is selling the company's product or service.
SALES ASSOCIATES, noun. Plural of sales associate
SALES FLOOR, noun. (business) The part of a business devoted to retail activities, such as a showroom or selling area of a shop or department store, usually manned by sales staff and having free public access with goods on display.
SALES FLOORS, noun. Plural of sales floor
SALES FORCE, noun. A team of salespersons.
SALES LEDGER, noun. (accounting) A ledger of sales. More correctly referred to as accounts receivable.
SALES ON APPROVAL, noun. Plural of sale on approval
SALES PITCH, noun. Remarks or demonstrations intended to persuade a consumer to make a purchase, especially when vigorously delivered or exaggerated.
SALES PITCHES, noun. Plural of sales pitch
SALES PROFIT, noun. (accounting) gross profit
SALES REP, noun. Sales representative
SALES REPRESENTATIVE, noun. A sales assistant representing the company outside the place of business.
SALES SLIP, noun. A receipt for a purchase.
SALES SLIPS, noun. Plural of sales slip
SALES TAX, noun. A local or state tax imposed as a percentage of the selling price of goods or services payable by the customer. The tax is not recognized as the seller's earnings; the seller only collects the tax and transmits the same to local or state authorities.
SALES TAXES, noun. Plural of sales tax
SALES TEAM, noun. A team of salespersons.

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SALES, noun. Income (at invoice values) received for goods and services over some given period of time.

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