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FIXED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of fix
FIXED, adjective. Not changing, not able to be changed, staying the same.
FIXED, adjective. Stationary.
FIXED, adjective. Attached; affixed
FIXED, adjective. Chemically stable.
FIXED, adjective. Supplied with what one needs.
FIXED, adjective. (legal) Of sound, recorded on a permanent medium.
FIXED, adjective. (dialectal) (informal) Surgically rendered infertile (spayed, neutered or castrated).
FIXED, adjective. Rigged; fraudulently prearranged.
FIXED AIR, noun. (obsolete) (chemistry) carbon dioxide
FIXED ASSET, noun. (business) (accounting) Asset or property which cannot easily be converted into cash, such as land, buildings and machinery.
FIXED ASSETS, noun. Plural of fixed asset
FIXED CHARGE, noun. (finance) an unvarying charge such as rent or property tax.
FIXED CHARGES, noun. Plural of fixed charge
FIXED COST, noun. (accounting) A cost of business which does not vary with output or sales; an overhead.
FIXED COSTS, noun. Plural of fixed cost
FIXED DISK, noun. A hard disk
FIXED DISKS, noun. Plural of fixed disk
FIXED FEAST, noun. (Christianity) an annual celebration that is held on the same calendar date every year, such as Christmas (December 25)
FIXED HEAD COUPÉ, noun. (British) a four-seated car or coupé with the appearance of a sports car, with a sloping rear and hardtop.
FIXED HEAD COUPÉS, noun. Plural of fixed head coupé
FIXED INCOME, noun. (finance) Any type of investment under which the borrower/issuer is obliged to make payments of a fixed amount on a fixed schedule.
FIXED INCOME, noun. A personal income that does not vary over time, often predominantly from pensions or state benefits.
FIXED INCOMES, noun. Plural of fixed income
FIXED LIMIT, noun. (poker) A poker game where bets and raises can only be a single size as specified by the rules.
FIXED POINT, adjective. (computing) Pertaining to fixed point representations or operations.
FIXED POINT, noun. (computing) A fractional-number representation with a fixed number of digits after the decimal point. Compare floating point and integer.
FIXED POINT, noun. (mathematics) A value which is unchanged by a function or other mapping. Formally: a value x for which f(x) = x.W
FIXED POINTS, noun. Plural of fixed point
FIXED ROUTE, noun. A form of public transit bus or ferry service without any regular deviation from schedules or course
FIXED SATELLITE, noun. A geostationary satellite
FIXED SATELLITES, noun. Plural of fixed satellite
FIXED SET, noun. (mathematics) A set which is unchanged by a function or other mapping. Formally: a set, S, is a fixed set of a function, f, if and only if for all x in S, f(x)=x.
FIXED SETS, noun. Plural of fixed set
FIXED STAR, noun. (star) Any star that is so distant that its movement, relative to others, is not perceptible; in practice, any star except the sun
FIXED STARS, noun. Plural of fixed star
FIXED UP, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of fix up
FIXED WAVE, noun. A standing wave, or stationary wave.
FIXED WAVES, noun. Plural of fixed wave

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FIXED, adjective. (of a number) having a fixed and unchanging value.
FIXED, adjective. Fixed and unmoving; "with eyes set in a fixed glassy stare"; "his bearded face already has a set hollow look"- Connor Cruise O'Brien; "a face rigid with pain".
FIXED, adjective. Securely placed or fastened or set; "a fixed piece of wood"; "a fixed resistor".
FIXED, adjective. Incapable of being changed or moved or undone; e.g. "frozen prices"; "living on fixed incomes".

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