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EXPRESS, adjective. (not comparable) Moving or operating quickly, as a train not making local stops.
EXPRESS, adjective. (comparable) Specific or precise; directly and distinctly stated; not merely implied.
EXPRESS, adjective. Truly depicted; exactly resembling.
EXPRESS, noun. A mode of transportation, often a train, that travels quickly or directly.
EXPRESS, noun. A service that allows mail or money to be sent rapidly from one destination to another.
EXPRESS, noun. An express rifle.
EXPRESS, noun. (obsolete) A clear image or representation; an expression; a plain declaration.
EXPRESS, noun. A messenger sent on a special errand; a courier.
EXPRESS, noun. An express office.
EXPRESS, noun. That which is sent by an express messenger or message.
EXPRESS, verb. ​ (transitive) To convey or communicate; to make known or explicit.
EXPRESS, verb. (transitive) To press, squeeze out (especially said of milk).
EXPRESS, verb. (biochemistry) To translate messenger RNA into protein.
EXPRESS, verb. (biochemistry) To transcribe deoxyribonucleic acid into messenger RNA.
EXPRESS, noun. (obsolete) The action of conveying some idea using words or actions; communication, expression.
EXPRESS, noun. (obsolete) A specific statement or instruction.
EXPRESS KIDNAPPING, noun. A method of abduction, mainly in Latin America, where a small and easily paid ransom is demanded.
EXPRESS KIDNAPPINGS, noun. Plural of express kidnapping
EXPRESS LANE, noun. (chiefly US) A traffic lane on a limited-access road, intended for faster traffic, that has even more limited access.
EXPRESS LANE, noun. In a supermarket or other large retail enterprise, a checkout aisle reserved for customers with relatively few items to purchase.
EXPRESS RIFLE, noun. Any of various rifles that propel the bullet at high velocity to maximize point blank range.
EXPRESS RIFLES, noun. Plural of express rifle
EXPRESS TRAIN, noun. A train (either the service or the train itself) making limited stops.
EXPRESS TRAINS, noun. Plural of express train

Dictionary definition

EXPRESS, noun. Mail that is distributed by a rapid and efficient system.
EXPRESS, noun. Public transport consisting of a fast train or bus that makes only a few scheduled stops; "he caught the express to New York".
EXPRESS, noun. Rapid transport of goods.
EXPRESS, verb. Give expression to; "She showed her disappointment".
EXPRESS, verb. Articulate; either verbally or with a cry, shout, or noise; "She expressed her anger"; "He uttered a curse".
EXPRESS, verb. Serve as a means for expressing something; "The painting of Mary carries motherly love"; "His voice carried a lot of anger".
EXPRESS, verb. Indicate through a symbol, formula, etc.; "Can you express this distance in kilometers?".
EXPRESS, verb. Manifest the effects of (a gene or genetic trait); "Many of the laboratory animals express the trait".
EXPRESS, verb. Obtain from a substance, as by mechanical action; "Italians express coffee rather than filter it".
EXPRESS, verb. Send by rapid transport or special messenger service; "She expressed the letter to Florida".
EXPRESS, adverb. By express; "please send the letter express".
EXPRESS, adjective. Not tacit or implied; "her express wish".
EXPRESS, adjective. Without unnecessary stops; "an express train"; "an express shipment".

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