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LEND, noun. (anatomy) (UK dialectal) The lumbar region; loin.
LEND, noun. (UK dialectal) (of a person or animal) The loins; flank; buttocks.
LEND, verb. (transitive) To allow to be used by someone temporarily, on condition that it or its equivalent will be returned.
LEND, verb. (intransitive) To make a loan.
LEND, verb. (reflexive) To be suitable or applicable, to fit.
LEND, verb. To afford; to grant or furnish in general.
LEND, verb. (proscribed) To borrow.
LEND A HAND, verb. (idiomatic) To help or assist, especially voluntarily.
LEND A HELPING HAND, verb. Assist or facilitate (in some endeavour).
LEND AN EAR, verb. To listen.
LEND ITSELF TO, verb. (transitive) (idiomatic) to be suitable for

Dictionary definition

LEND, verb. Bestow a quality on; "Her presence lends a certain cachet to the company"; "The music added a lot to the play"; "She brings a special atmosphere to our meetings"; "This adds a light note to the program".
LEND, verb. Give temporarily; let have for a limited time; "I will lend you my car"; "loan me some money".
LEND, verb. Have certain characteristics of qualities for something; be open or vulnerable to; "This story would lend itself well to serialization on television"; "The current system lends itself to great abuse".

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