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NOVELTY, noun. The state of being new or novel; newness.
NOVELTY, noun. A new product; an innovation.
NOVELTY, noun. A small mass-produced trinket.
NOVELTY, noun. In novelty theory, newness, density of complexification, and dynamic change as opposed to static habituation.
NOVELTY SONG, noun. A comical or nonsensical song, usually performed for comedic or humorous effect.
NOVELTY THEORY, noun. A theory developed by philosopher Terence McKenna that aims to describe "novelty" in the universe based on a combination of numerology and mathematics.

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NOVELTY, noun. Originality by virtue of being refreshingly novel.
NOVELTY, noun. Originality by virtue of being new and surprising.
NOVELTY, noun. A small inexpensive mass-produced article.
NOVELTY, noun. Cheap showy jewelry or ornament on clothing.

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