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PRODUCER, noun. (economics) An individual or organization that creates goods and services.
PRODUCER, noun. One who produces an artistic production like a CD, a theater production, a film, a TV program and so on.
PRODUCER, noun. (biology) An organism that produces complex organic compounds from simple molecules and an external source of energy.
PRODUCER, noun. (UK) (slang) An arrest for speeding after which the driver is allowed seven days in which to produce his/her driving licence and related documents at a police station.
PRODUCER, noun. (archaic) A furnace for producing combustible gas for fuel.
PRODUCER MILK, noun. Milk, including the skim milk, nonfat components, and butterfat, that is delivered to a milk pool plant or another milk handler, but has not yet been processed.
PRODUCER ONLY MARKET, noun. A market at which vendors may only sell items which they or their employees produce.
PRODUCER PRICE INDEX, noun. (economics) A statistical estimate of the level of prices of goods and services bought by domestic producers.

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PRODUCER, noun. Someone who manufactures something.
PRODUCER, noun. Someone who finds financing for and supervises the making and presentation of a show (play or film or program or similar work).
PRODUCER, noun. Something that produces; "Maine is a leading producer of potatoes"; "this microorganism is a producer of disease".

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