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CO, symbol. The ISO 3166-1 two-letter (alpha-2) code for Colombia.
CO, symbol. (chemistry) The molecular formula for carbon monoxide.
CO, abbreviation. Colorado, a state of the United States of America.
CO, abbreviation. County.
CO, noun. (slang) company
CO, pronoun. (neologism) (nonstandard) they (singular). Gender-neutral subject pronoun, coordinate with gendered pronouns he and she.
CO, pronoun. (neologism) (nonstandard) them (singular). Gender-neutral object pronoun, coordinate with gendered pronouns him and her.
CO, symbol. (element symbol) Symbol for cobalt.
CO, abbreviation. Company , Alternative form of Co.

Dictionary definition

CO, noun. An odorless very poisonous gas that is a product of incomplete combustion of carbon.
CO, noun. A hard ferromagnetic silver-white bivalent or trivalent metallic element; a trace element in plant and animal nutrition.
CO, noun. One who refuses to serve in the armed forces on grounds of conscience.
CO, noun. A state in west central United States in the Rocky Mountains.

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