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SEASONAL, adjective. Of, related to, or reliant on a season or period of the year, especially with regard to weather characteristics.
SEASONAL, noun. Anything that is seasonal, such as a financial trend, a product for sale, or an employee.
SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER, noun. (pathology) A form of depression associated with the lack of natural light during the winter months.
SEASONAL CONSTELLATION, noun. (astronomy) a constellation that is only above the horizon (and thus visible) for part of the year
SEASONAL CONSTELLATIONS, noun. Plural of seasonal constellation
SEASONAL LAKE, noun. (geology) Synonym of intermittent lake.
SEASONAL LAKES, noun. Plural of seasonal lake
SEASONAL UNEMPLOYMENT, noun. (economics) A type of unemployment explained by a seasonal variation in the structure of jobs and/or labour offered. Seasonal unemployment typically repeats the same pattern annually.

Dictionary definition

SEASONAL, noun. A worker who finds employment only in certain seasons.
SEASONAL, adjective. Occurring at or dependent on a particular season; "seasonal labor"; "a seasonal rise in unemployment".

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