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SIBERIAN, adjective. From, of or pertaining to Siberia
SIBERIAN, noun. A person from Siberia.
SIBERIAN, noun. A domestic cat breed.
SIBERIAN, noun. A cat of this breed.
SIBERIAN CRANE, noun. A large white crane, Grus leucogeranus, which breeds in Arctic Russia and western Siberia.
SIBERIAN CRANES, noun. Plural of Siberian crane
SIBERIAN ELM, noun. A medium-sized bushy tree, Ulmus pumila, native to northern and eastern Asia, naturalized in most of North America.
SIBERIAN ELMS, noun. Plural of Siberian elm
SIBERIAN FLYING SQUIRREL, noun. A species of flying squirrel, Pteromys volans, common in Siberia and North-Eastern Europe.
SIBERIAN FLYING SQUIRRELS, noun. Plural of Siberian flying squirrel
SIBERIAN HUSKIES, noun. Plural of Siberian Husky
SIBERIAN HUSKY, noun. A medium-sized Spitz breed of dog originally used for herding reindeer and pulling sleighs.
SIBERIAN JAY, noun. A jay widespread in northern Eurasia, Perisoreus infaustus
SIBERIAN JAYS, noun. Plural of Siberian jay
SIBERIAN TIGER, noun. A tiger of the subspecies Panthera tigris altaica, the largest of the big cats, now confined to parts of eastern Russia.
SIBERIAN TIGERS, noun. Plural of Siberian tiger
SIBERIAN WEASEL, noun. A rust-colored weasel, Mustela sibirica, used for its fur.
SIBERIAN WEASELS, noun. Plural of Siberian weasel

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SIBERIAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of Siberia.
SIBERIAN, adjective. Of or relating to or characteristic of Siberia or the Siberians; "Siberian natural resources"; "Siberian coal miners"; "the Siberian tundra".

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