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RUSSIAN, noun. A person from Russia.
RUSSIAN, noun. An ethnic Russian: a member of the East Slavic ethnic group which is native to, and constitutes the majority of the population of, Russia.
RUSSIAN, noun. A domestic cat breed.
RUSSIAN, noun. A cat of this breed.
RUSSIAN, noun. (juggling) (rare in the singular) A type of juggling ball with a hard outer shell, filled with salt, sand or another similar substance.
RUSSIAN, proper noun. The Russian language.
RUSSIAN, adjective. Of or pertaining to Russia.
RUSSIAN, adjective. Of or pertaining to the Russian language.
RUSSIAN, adjective. (dated) Of or pertaining to Rus.
RUSSIAN ALPHABET, proper noun. The 33-letter alphabet of the Modern Russian language, consisting of the following letters (presented in upper case (majuscule) and lower case (minuscule) pairs):
RUSSIAN ALPHABET, proper noun. The Russian alphabet used before 1918, consisting of the above letters plus the following four:
RUSSIAN BALL, noun. A type of juggling ball with a hard, shiny outer shell, filled with sand or another filler material designed to be more visible than beanbags.
RUSSIAN BALLS, noun. Plural of Russian ball
RUSSIAN BAR, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see Russian,‎ bar.
RUSSIAN BAR, noun. (circus arts) A gymnastics-style beam held by two porters used to do gymnastics-style tricks.
RUSSIAN BARS, noun. Plural of Russian bar
RUSSIAN BATH, noun. Banya
RUSSIAN BATHS, noun. Plural of Russian bath
RUSSIAN BLUE, noun. A domestic cat breed.
RUSSIAN COPULATION, noun. (cryptography) A method of rearranging plaintext before encryption by breaking it into two parts and inverting their order, so as to conceal obvious headers, salutations, signatures, etc.
RUSSIAN DOLL, noun. One of a set of hollow nesting dolls, usually wooden and decorated.
RUSSIAN DOLL, noun. (allegorically) An issue or situation which repeatedly reveals more levels of complexity.
RUSSIAN DOLLS, noun. Plural of Russian doll
RUSSIAN DRESSING, noun. An American salad dressing, a spiced blend of mayonnaise and ketchup.
RUSSIAN EMPIRE, proper noun. (historical) The name of the Russian state from 1721 to 1917
RUSSIAN FEDERATION, proper noun. Alternative formal name of Russia. The name Russia is also formal.
RUSSIAN GAUGE, noun. A railway gauge of 1,520 or 1,524 mm, used primarily in the former Soviet Union.
RUSSIAN GOLD, noun. (obsolete) A gold-copper alloy, more commonly called rose gold, popular in Russia at one time.
RUSSIAN OLIVE, noun. An oleaster, Elaeagnus angustifolia.
RUSSIAN OLIVES, noun. Plural of Russian olive
RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH, proper noun. Any of a number of organizations based primarily in Russia and affiliated with the Eastern Orthodox Church of Christianity.
RUSSIAN OVEN, noun. A unique type of oven/furnace that first appeared in the 15th century. It is used both for cooking and domestic heating.
RUSSIAN OVENS, noun. Plural of Russian oven
RUSSIAN ROULETTE, proper noun. (idiomatic) (games) A deadly game in which a person loads a single bullet in the cylinder of a revolver, spins the cylinder so that the bullet's location is unknown, points the muzzle at his/her head, and pulls the trigger. In its most lethal form, played by multiple participants each of whom takes a turn until the weapon discharges.
RUSSIAN SALAD, noun. Synonym of Olivier salad.
RUSSIAN SFSR, proper noun. Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, the name for modern day Russia before the collapse of the Soviet Union (1917-1991).
RUSSIAN SOVIET FEDERATIVE SOCIALIST REPUBLIC, proper noun. The official name for modern day Russia under the Communist Party from 1917 to 1991. The leader of a confederation of communist countries called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The RSFSR and USSR both collapsed in 1991.
RUSSIAN STUDIES, noun. (humanities) An academic discipline that includes the study of literatures written in the Russian language, Russian linguistics, and Russian sociolinguistics.
RUSSIAN STURGEON, noun. A Eurasian species of sturgeon, Acipenser gueldenstaedtii.
RUSSIAN THISTLE, noun. A prickly shrublike annual, Kali tragus (often erroneously referred to as Salsola kali, a synonym for Kali turgida), which is the best-known kind of tumbleweed.
RUSSIAN WOLFHOUND, noun. Borzoi (breed of dog)
RUSSIAN WOLFHOUNDS, noun. Plural of Russian Wolfhound

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RUSSIAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of Russia.
RUSSIAN, noun. The Slavic language that is the official language of Russia.
RUSSIAN, adjective. Of or pertaining to or characteristic of Russia or its people or culture or language; "Russian dancing".

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