Associations to the word «Springing»


SPRINGING, verb. Present participle of spring
SPRINGING, noun. (uncountable) The action of the verb to spring.
SPRINGING, noun. (uncountable) A set of springs in a vehicle, etc.
SPRINGING, noun. (countable) (archaic) A spring of an arch.
SPRINGING, adjective. That springs or spring.
SPRINGING COW, noun. A cow or heifer which is close to calving.
SPRINGING EXECUTORY INTEREST, noun. (legal) An interest in an estate in land created by the conditions of a grant wherein the grantor cuts short the grantor's own interest in the property in favor of the grantee, contingent upon the occurrence of a specific condition.
SPRINGING EXECUTORY INTERESTS, noun. Plural of springing executory interest
SPRINGING OUT, verb. Present participle of spring out

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