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ARM, noun. The portion of the upper human appendage, from the shoulder to the wrist and sometimes including the hand.
ARM, noun. (anatomy) The extended portion of the upper limb, from the shoulder to the elbow.
ARM, noun. A limb, or locomotive or prehensile organ, of an invertebrate animal.
ARM, noun. A long, narrow, more or less rigid part of an object extending from the main part or centre of the object, such as the arm of an armchair, a crane, a pair of spectacles or a pair of compasses.
ARM, noun. A bay or inlet off a main body of water.
ARM, noun. A branch of an organization.
ARM, noun. (figurative) Power; might; strength; support.
ARM, noun. (baseball) (slang) A pitcher
ARM, noun. (genetics) One of the two parts of a chromosome
ARM, noun. A group of patients in a medical trial.
ARM, verb. To take by the arm; to take up in one's arms.
ARM, verb. To supply with arms or limbs.
ARM, adjective. (UK dialectal) (chiefly Scotland) Poor; lacking in riches or wealth.
ARM, adjective. (UK dialectal) (chiefly Scotland) To be pitied; pitiful; wretched.
ARM, noun. (usually used in the plural) A weapon.
ARM, noun. (in the plural) heraldic bearings or insignia
ARM, verb. To supply with armour or (later especially) weapons.
ARM, verb. To prepare a tool or a weapon for action; to activate.
ARM, verb. To cover or furnish with a plate, or with whatever will add strength, force, security, or efficiency.
ARM, verb. (figurative) To furnish with means of defence; to prepare for resistance; to fortify, in a moral sense.
ARM, verb. To fit (a magnet) with an armature.
ARM, adjective. Abbreviation of Armenian.
ARM, symbol. The ISO 3166-1 three-letter (alpha-3) code for Armenia
ARM, noun. Accelerated reply mail: a service of the United States Postal Service
ARM, noun. Adjustable rate mortgage
ARM, proper noun. Acorn Risc Machine
ARM AND A LEG, noun. (idiomatic) A very high price for an item or service; an exorbitant price; usually used after the verb cost.
ARM CANDY, noun. (idiomatic) An attractive, seemingly romantic companion who accompanies a person in public simply so that one or both of the individuals can gain attention, enhance social status, or create an impression of sexual appeal.
ARM IN ARM, adverb. With arms linked together
ARM IN ARM, adverb. (figuratively) in collusion with, in concert with
ARM THE LEAD, verb. (obsolete) (nautical) To fill the hollow in the bottom of a sounding lead with tallow in order to discover the nature of the bottom by the substances adhering.
ARM TO THE TEETH, verb. (idiomatic) To equip thoroughly with weapons.
ARM TWIST, verb. Alternative spelling of arm-twist
ARM TWISTER, noun. Alternative spelling of arm-twister
ARM TWISTING, noun. Alternative spelling of arm-twisting
ARM TWISTINGS, noun. Plural of arm twisting
ARM UP, verb. (idiomatic) (ambitransitive) to supply, or be supplied with, arms (weapons)
ARM WRESTLING, noun. A strength sport with two participants. Each participant grips the other's hand and tries to pin the other's arm onto a surface.

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ARM, noun. A human limb; technically the part of the superior limb between the shoulder and the elbow but commonly used to refer to the whole superior limb.
ARM, noun. Any projection that is thought to resemble a human arm; "the arm of the record player"; "an arm of the sea"; "a branch of the sewer".
ARM, noun. Any instrument or instrumentality used in fighting or hunting; "he was licensed to carry a weapon".
ARM, noun. The part of an armchair or sofa that supports the elbow and forearm of a seated person.
ARM, noun. A division of some larger or more complex organization; "a branch of Congress"; "botany is a branch of biology"; "the Germanic branch of Indo-European languages".
ARM, noun. The part of a garment that is attached at the armhole and that provides a cloth covering for the arm.
ARM, verb. Prepare oneself for a military confrontation; "The U.S. is girding for a conflict in the Middle East"; "troops are building up on the Iraqi border".
ARM, verb. Supply with arms; "The U.S. armed the freedom fighters in Afghanistan".

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