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DESCENDANT, adjective. Descending from a biological ancestor.
DESCENDANT, adjective. Proceeding from a figurative ancestor or source.
DESCENDANT, noun. (literally) One who is the progeny of a specified person, at any distance of time or through any number of generations.
DESCENDANT, noun. (figuratively) A thing that derives directly from a given precursor or source.
DESCENDANT, noun. (biology) A later evolutionary type.
DESCENDANT, noun. (linguistics) A language that is descended from another.
DESCENDANT, noun. (linguistics) A word or form in one language that is descended from a counterpart in an ancestor language.

Dictionary definition

DESCENDANT, noun. A person considered as descended from some ancestor or race.
DESCENDANT, adjective. Going or coming down.
DESCENDANT, adjective. Proceeding by descent from an ancestor; "descendent gene".

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