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TAU, noun. The name of the letter Τ/τ in the Greek, Hebrew and ancient Semitic alphabets, being the nineteenth letter of the Classical and Modern Greek, the twenty-first letter of Old and Ancient Greek.
TAU, noun. A -shaped sign or structure; a St. Anthony's cross, sometimes considered as a sacred symbol.
TAU, noun. (particle) (dated) A tau meson, now usually known as a kaon.
TAU, noun. (particle) An unstable heavy lepton, which decays into a muon or electron; a tauon.
TAU, noun. (biology) A type of protein that stabilizes microtubules in the human central nervous system, failures of which are associated with forms of dementia.
TAU, noun. (mathematics) (neologism) A constant equal to twice the value of pi; often written τ.
TAU LEPTON, noun. (physics) A tauon.
TAU LEPTONS, noun. Plural of tau lepton
TAU NEUTRINO, noun. A leptonic elementary particle having a mass 60 times that of the electron and no charge
TAU NEUTRINOS, noun. Plural of tau neutrino

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TAU, noun. The 19th letter of the Greek alphabet.

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