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PHOTO, noun. Photograph.
PHOTO, verb. To take a photograph.
PHOTO ARTIST, noun. (photography) (arts) A person that uses photographic equipment to create art
PHOTO BOOTH, noun. A coin-operated kiosk used to take photographs, typically used for passport photographs.
PHOTO CUBE, noun. A cube-shaped frame holding different photographs on its different sides, often used to show several different members of a family, parts of a vacation, or a timeline of someone's life.
PHOTO ECHO, noun. (physics) a form of resonance sometimes observed as a coherent pulse of light after two similar pulses have traversed a medium
PHOTO ECHOES, noun. Plural of photo echo
PHOTO ESSAY, noun. A series of photographs, sometimes with text, that narrates a story
PHOTO FINISH, noun. The finish of a race in which the leaders are so close together that the winner cannot be identified using the naked eye but is determined by means of a photograph
PHOTO FINISH, noun. (by extension) Any competition with a very close outcome
PHOTO FINISHES, noun. Plural of photo finish
PHOTO FINISHING, noun. All commercial aspects of the processing of photographs apart from simple developing and printing
PHOTO OP, noun. A photo opportunity
PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES, noun. Plural of photo opportunity
PHOTO OPPORTUNITY, noun. Any occasion in which a politician or other celebrity may be photographed to their advantage. Short form: photo op.
PHOTO OPS, noun. Plural of photo op
PHOTO SHOOT, noun. A session in which a photographer takes shots of an individual or group.
PHOTO SHOOTS, noun. Plural of photo shoot

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PHOTO, noun. A representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material.

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