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MASSIVE, adjective. Of or pertaining to a large mass; weighty, heavy, or bulky.
MASSIVE, adjective. Much larger than normal.
MASSIVE, adjective. Of great significance or import; overwhelming.
MASSIVE, adjective. (mineralogy) Not exhibiting crystal form.
MASSIVE, adjective. Of particularly exceptional quality or value; awesome.
MASSIVE, adjective. (physics) (of a particle) Possessing mass.
MASSIVE, noun. (mineralogy) A homogeneous mass of rock, not layered and without an obvious crystal structure.
MASSIVE ASTROPHYSICAL COMPACT HALO OBJECT, noun. (astronomy) (physics) Alternative form of massive compact halo object
MASSIVE ASTROPHYSICAL COMPACT HALO OBJECTS, noun. Plural of massive astrophysical compact halo object
MASSIVE COMPACT HALO OBJECT, noun. (astronomy) (physics) Any kind of astronomical body comprising normal baryonic matter that in sufficient numbers might explain the apparent presence of dark matter in galaxy halos.
MASSIVE COMPACT HALO OBJECTS, noun. Plural of massive compact halo object
MASSIVE PALINDROME, noun. (genetics) Any of several very long palindromic stretches of DNA, especially those on the human Y-chromosome
MASSIVE RETALIATION, noun. A military doctrine and nuclear strategy in which a state commits itself to retaliate in much greater force when attacked.

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MASSIVE, adjective. Imposing in size or bulk or solidity; "massive oak doors"; "Moore's massive sculptures"; "the monolithic proportions of Stalinist architecture"; "a monumental scale".
MASSIVE, adjective. Being the same substance throughout; "massive silver".
MASSIVE, adjective. Imposing in scale or scope or degree or power; "massive retaliatory power"; "a massive increase in oil prices"; "massive changes".
MASSIVE, adjective. Consisting of great mass; containing a great quantity of matter; "Earth is the most massive of the terrestrial planets".

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