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NEIGHBOUR, noun. A person living on adjacent or nearby land; a person situated adjacently or nearby; anything (of the same type of thing as the subject) in an adjacent or nearby position.
NEIGHBOUR, noun. One who is near in sympathy or confidence.
NEIGHBOUR, noun. (biblical) any fellow human being
NEIGHBOUR, verb. (transitive) To be adjacent to (more often used as neighbouring)
NEIGHBOUR, verb. (intransitive) (followed by "on"; figurative) To approach; to verge on.
NEIGHBOUR, verb. To associate intimately with.

Dictionary definition

NEIGHBOUR, noun. A person who lives (or is located) near another.
NEIGHBOUR, noun. A nearby object of the same kind; "Fort Worth is a neighbor of Dallas"; "what is the closest neighbor to the Earth?".
NEIGHBOUR, verb. Live or be located as a neighbor; "the neighboring house".
NEIGHBOUR, verb. Be located near or adjacent to; "Pakistan neighbors India".

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