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BREAKAWAY, adjective. Having broken away from a larger unit.
BREAKAWAY, adjective. Capable of breaking off without damaging the larger structure.
BREAKAWAY, noun. (cycling) A group of riders which has gone ahead of the peloton.
BREAKAWAY, noun. (ice hockey) A situation in the game where one or more players of a team attack towards the goal of the other team without having any defenders in front of them.
BREAKAWAY, noun. (AU) A stampede of animals.
BREAKAWAY, noun. (AU) An animal that breaks away from a herd.

Dictionary definition

BREAKAWAY, noun. The act of breaking away or withdrawing from; "there was a breakaway by the discontented members"; "a breaking away from family and neighborhood".
BREAKAWAY, adjective. Having separated or advocating separation from another entity or policy or attitude; "a breakaway faction".

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