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IDENTITY, noun. Sameness, identicalness; the quality or fact of (several specified things) being the same.
IDENTITY, noun. The difference or character that marks off an individual from the rest of the same kind, selfhood.
IDENTITY, noun. A name or persona—the mask or appearance one presents to the world—by which one is known.
IDENTITY, noun. Sense of who one is.
IDENTITY, noun. (algebra) (computing) Any function which maps all elements of its domain to themselves.
IDENTITY, noun. (algebra) An element of an algebraic structure which, when applied to another element under an operation in that structure, yields this, second element.
IDENTITY CARD, noun. A card or badge showing the official identity of someone.
IDENTITY CARDS, noun. Plural of identity card
IDENTITY CRISES, noun. Plural of identity crisis
IDENTITY CRISIS, noun. (psychology) A crisis of personal identity as defined by Erik Erikson.
IDENTITY ELEMENT, noun. (algebra) A member of a structure which, when applied to any other element via a binary operation, induces an identity mapping; more specifically, given an operation *, an element I is
IDENTITY ELEMENTS, noun. Plural of identity element
IDENTITY FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) A function whose value is always the same as its independent variable
IDENTITY FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of identity function
IDENTITY MATRICES, noun. Plural of identity matrix
IDENTITY MATRIX, noun. (linear algebra) A diagonal matrix all of the diagonal elements of which are equal to 1.
IDENTITY MATRIXES, noun. Plural of identity matrix
IDENTITY OF INDISCERNIBLES, noun. (philosophy) The principle that if two objects are indistinguishable from one another with respect to all of their properties then they are identical.
IDENTITY POLITICS, noun. Politics focusing on the self-interest and perspectives of people in various groupings, such as race, gender, and religion.
IDENTITY THEFT, noun. The deliberate assumption of another person's identity, usually to gain access to that person's finances or to frame a person for a crime.
IDENTITY THEFTS, noun. Plural of identity theft

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IDENTITY, noun. The distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity; "you can lose your identity when you join the army".
IDENTITY, noun. The individual characteristics by which a thing or person is recognized or known; "geneticists only recently discovered the identity of the gene that causes it"; "it was too dark to determine his identity"; "she guessed the identity of his lover".
IDENTITY, noun. An operator that leaves unchanged the element on which it operates; "the identity under numerical multiplication is 1".
IDENTITY, noun. Exact sameness; "they shared an identity of interests".

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