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SMILEY, adjective. Cheerful and happy; smiling.
SMILEY, noun. A simplified representation of a smiling face.
SMILEY, noun. (Internet) A sequence of keyboard characters used to represent a person's mood or emotion, especially :) or :-) or other smiling depiction.
SMILEY, noun. (slang) Having one's throat slit from side to side.
SMILEY, noun. (rare) An improvised street weapon consisting of a length of chain with padlocks and other heavy objects affixed to one end.
SMILEY, noun. (South Africa) A roasted sheep's head.
SMILEY, noun. The type of piercing of the upper frenulum (upper lip) [1]
SMILEY FACE, noun. A simplified drawing of a smiling face, using two dots for the eyes and an arc for the mouth.
SMILEY FACE, noun. (rare) A smiley.
SMILEY FACES, noun. Plural of smiley face

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SMILEY, noun. An emoticon of a smiling face.

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